Okay, this is going to be a slightly unusual post, but I’ve just started a new job, and as people learn about my academic research, I keep getting pulled into conversations ‘about religion’.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I love talking about religions.  Religions are social constructs with histories and cultures and art and stories and participants.  But talking ‘about religion’ is really only fun if you’re an 18-year-old freshman philosophy major who’s just stocked up on herbal refreshment.

Otherwise, these conversations always go the same way, and since I have a secret addiction to the list posts on Buzzfeed (in particular the DIY ones – so many pallets!), I figured what better way to compile this information.

Thus – six things not to say about religions!

1.) “But isn’t the religion really about …”

So here’s the thing – religions don’t have kernels, or hearts, or centers.  There’s…

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