Religious nonsense!


         All religious experience stems from people’s own minds, and as that can be so varied, it lacks inter-subjectivity, so, it cannot be objective. To however, claim that the supernatural gives input, would beg the question.

         So, revelations have no supernatural input, and so, cannot carry the supernatural imprimatur. So, the Tanakh, the Testament, the Qur’an and other revealed  writings are just anthropogenic-manmade. And we see the internal and external contradictions and egregious morality  of the first three to affirm that.

         Near death and outside experiences carry natural causes. The brain’s chemistry explains the natural causes for them.

         Personal experiences and revelations do vary from  religion to religion. Some, inclusivists, claim  that they all carry the imprimatur of metaphysical reality, but no. That, too, remains subjective anyway.



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